19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman, 30 year old man dating 20 year old woman - age difference relationship

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

If I were your sister, the main thing I'd be concerned about is not letting the relationship stand in for my own process of growing up and being more independent. But that's not the question. Be prepared to have that conversation earlier. Does he have a sexual background way different from hers?

  • With that, I belive you really know the answer deep down!
  • For example, a year old with a year old is not going to seem such a big deal.
  • But your sister sounds prepared for that.
  • The trouble is I didn't really know what was reasonable here, hence the question.
  • Doesn't sound like a problem to me.
19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

If you want to date this woman, dating a pursue that goal. Is he married or ever been? Do they enjoy the same activities? Is this a cause for concern?

My fiance reminded me that we share the same cultural touch points. She might chose to make this a non-issue for you. My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex?

If she's handling it well, great! Back in the day, people married for life as teenagers. In the end, it's their relationship and they, not the world or even you, have to be happy with it. The age difference is the least of your worries, if it is a worry at all.

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For what it's worth, when I started dating Mr. But the fact that it concerns you and you have to ask this question says to me, pretty strongly, that you personally shouldn't date this woman. Ask her out if you are ok with dating an older woman.

Good luck and follow your heart. Honestly, I'd be more worried about the possible repercussions of dipping the pen in company ink than anything else given the facts you've presented. Would it really make you feel better about yourself? This is a good indicator as to whether they are the kind of person your sister might otherwise date, just older.

19 year old woman dating 30 year old man

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman
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We both independently left this religion years ago for saner pastures. In general, I wouldn't say that a year-old dating a year-old raises any immediate red flags. My wife is five years older than me. Why don't you ask her our first and start dating and then see if you two are compatible?

So, yeah, your sister's fine. If you're ashamed of her or of yourself because of her age, do her the favor of breaking things off so that she can find someone who is proud to be with her. Eventually he was transferred to another city and that was that, but we had a terrific time. In all cases, it was two people being attracted to each other, not two numbers.

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman
  1. Most of the time we found out each others ages after we started dating and it just wasn't an issue for either of us.
  2. The fact that they're working together is a red flag though.
  3. And maybe if I got to know them I would change my mind, but just from looking at them, I can appreciate a good looking year old, but I am just not attracted to them.

But, it's a very individualistic situation. Put another way, do you really want the respect of men who think this way about women? He was focused on work and I was still in college. How long have they been together? Its the best relationship i have ever been in as we do have lots in common and we get along great.

She is taking a balanced perspective on this, and she realizes that even though this guy seems perfect now, things could go very wrong and is she is open to more information and perspectives. He has much more to experience but i think it's worth it for now. However, do I think your relationship will last very longwell, I have some reservations. It all depends on the maturity of the participants.

30 year old man dating 20 year old woman - age difference relationship

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

But those red flags turn up in the relationship dynamics, not in the simple difference in age. Maybe that period of being alone and elderly is worth it, maybe it's not, but it's definitely something to think about before you get married. If he's ready and understands how you feel and you openly express that, I don't see why it would be a problem. If it helps you to get past the age difference, remember this guy was in his twenties a few months ago.

19 year old woman dating 30 year old man

As the bard said, love the one you're with. Some of us even have accepted ourselves and our bodies for what they are and are over the phase of trying to be something we're not. That is, she is happy, online dating which is why she's told you about this to share her joy.

Thank you all for your responses, which have helped me learn more about what is considered healthy and normal by average folks. It's never been any kind of issue. People come into our lives for a reason, dating a season or a lifetime. If she isn't or if he turns out to do something really wrong then just listen to her and keep doing what you're doing - listen to her and give the best advice you can.

Eventually they broke up, obviously, but she turned out ok. The reasons it didn't work out had nothing to do with our age gap. My parents were concerned about the age difference, but they didn't really have a say in the matter, and he eventually won them over anyway. Maybe she'd have to share with people, but that's kind of normal for someone her age.

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Enjoy the love Its hard to fine a real love life are temporary age Its nothing! They're adults, nobody is forcing either of them, and it sounds like she's being treated well. If it becomes serious you won't care about the age difference, and if it's only a bit of fun for both of you, you might learn something about yourself and women.

So I'm going to allow this to happen because it's happening for a reason. It sounds like your sister is handling it well and aware of the risks. The age difference is big, but if she's as mature as you say she is, and they seem to be good together, it's probably ok. That said, while it's normal to worry about it briefly, if you stick with these concerns, it might mean that there are some lingering insecurities.

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

So ask her out first, see how it goes, and don't overthink the age thing. It is cool because I can be open with her. You and I most likely have virtually identical life experiences and overall approaches to the world. Without any evidence that this guy is mistreating your sister or using her, I wouldn't be worried, especially if your sister is mature and generally makes sensible decisions about important things.

You seem to think that she likes you, but do you like her? The problem is, I don't know how much of a red flag the age difference is. If you don't give it a go who knows where it could lead.

Or you could realize you're being ridiculous and ask this one out now. And at the moment, you have him captivated. We got along great and the age difference wasn't an issue for either of us. Whatever makes you two happy. With the Tao of Badass eBook you will obtain a interesting perception into the reasonable head vs.

So basically, this is a relationship where other than the age difference, there aren't really any huge red flags. If they're both treating each other well, I wouldn't worry about the age difference. It's not that it's not okay to date them, I'm just not into them. This might sound a bit out of left field, amazing dating facts but is it possible that some of your Mormon upbringing might still be affecting your thinking a bit?

19 year old guy dating a 30 year old woman

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