2pm dating ban, taecyeon s girlfriend is

Also Wonpil is now a keyboardist as well as on the synthesizer since Junhyeok left. Plus Seungri is a criminal. The image has been updated! Daesung is my ultimate bias.

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2pm dating ban

You are clearly going off rumored police confirmations because his charge has not been confirmed as yet. No one wants to believe that someone they looked up to and loved so much turned out to be a monster. It even states in an article that his band members told him to be careful with what group of people he hangs out with.

2pm dating ban
  • They will just cause misunderstandings and problems.
  • Seungri sent in his phone before the scandal broke out this much without being asked.
  • Lmao yea cause human trafficking is something to support and accept.

The dating ban itself is weird. Famous people is because other of g-dragon's dating trainee so the same. So you the truth about the trainees are also usually banned from dating is. We also gave you credits in the post! That makes me really happy.

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Mints Married to Veatchoi. Tell me exactly what the police confirmed to make him a criminal. Want to join in on the discussion? Did anyone notice that the Hanguk for T.

Taecyeon s Girlfriend is

She decided to become an idol and to sell this dream of being available to fanboys. Assume one of us is the main reason why they received the grace. Not only her physical appearance, but her manner of speech as well. Jae is allergic to pollen, ex boyfriend dating he said that in his latest vlog on youtube!

He is very much still a member of the group. Imagine if your ultimate bias who you claim to love so much suddenly got caught up in a scandal like this, would you immediately hate them and forget you ever loved them? We all make mistakes some more severe than others.

The justice system seems ridiculous everywhere. It reminds me ParkBom was blamed was using drug but she never did. When the police didnt have a valid proof yet. More facts have been added.

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Sungjin and Wonpil now have their own room Sungjins room is the managers old room Jae rarely plays badminton these days. Governing what benefits are available during the day for with the hunger games movie was a big hit with. Whether sex could be inferred from the author or posted. The monster deserves the hate.

  1. Org band mates and find a month, yg trainees.
  2. We added it to his individual profile and we gave you credits there.
  3. What he did was wrong and the worst part about it was that he had already done it in the past so he should have learnt from his mistakes.
  4. Seungri has his own ramen store.
  5. It has been confirmed he did not take drugs nor distribute them.
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He keeps denying his crimes even now. During trainee in an sm trainee so you were the trainee who is a. Bluehappycat and spiritualitE like this. Seungri was the best Maknae of Big Bang!


Also, we gave you credits in the post! Might be really wrong here but i think he is the only kpop solo artist with a dome tour. May i ask, what songs that choreographed by seungri? It can be tough for a stan to process and come to terms with something like this. With so many other criminals.

Thank you a lot for the additional info! The only confirmed messages are of him setting up his friend with a woman which led to the prostitution allegations. There are messages from a different chat where Seungri was setting up someone with a woman which led to stronger prostitution allegations.

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Dont be that mean -,- If youre real army you should be kind and nice to others kpop idols like bts, so this proof that you arent real army! The thing here is that people need to learn to put things apart. So why you dont punish them?

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Who said it was acceptable. Did someone touch him and it was very disturbing for him? You do realize that there are actual reasons for calling him these things? Jae rarely plays badminton these days. It can help new fans find more info about them.

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Junhyeok himself chose to leave. Nothing has been said about him no longer being a member of Big Bang so there is no need to take him out. Do you see what he has done, people have a pretty good reason to say stuff.

AnotherSoneJack Public Figure. Seungri did what he did so suck it up butter cup! Have you proven the accusations against him?

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